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Apartments vs Builder Floor Apartments

Home sweet home is the most precious feeling there ever is! There’s a reason people say that. 

Robert Montgomery once said, “Home is the spot of earth that is supremely blest. It’s a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.”

How accurate!!

Living in your dream home is like putting all your strain at rest. It’s realizing that there is a better place in the world. It’s a place that finds you all the peace in the world. The Indian real estate market has seen a significant growth in the quality of houses over the past few years. From builder floor apartments to low-rise apartments and luxurious condos; there has been a significant development in the real estate market. All the fresh and innovative designs for apartments have lured several families to pick up homes that meet all their needs. These needs aren’t limited to the comfort but extend beyond recreation, lifestyle, and standard of living. However, which one of the innovations should be the most preferred choice for your family? 

The answer is up for an endless debate. Builder Floor apartments and high-rise condominiums carry their own set of pros and cons. If you are looking for a modern home for your family, moving to a new city, or searching for the most beneficial properties to invest; we shall be able to help you narrow down the difference between builder floors and apartments. 

Builder Floor Apartments

Quickly gaining popularity along with high-rise condominiums, builder floor apartments has clubbed the concept of privacy with comfort into these low rise apartments. Based on real estate terminologies, builder floor apartments are feasible apartments built by local real estate builders. These apartments are created in collaboration with landowners, where the builder and owner share the equity.  

  • Low rise builder floor apartments house four or less number of floors 
  • Builder floor apartments are designed allotting a single housing unit per floor 
  • These apartments are built especially for families who wish to achieve more privacy
  • As a single floor is occupied by one family in a Builder Floor apartment, they may cost higher than the high-rise condominiums

High-Rise Condominiums 

Brought to us by modern real estate players and the evolution of urban living; high rise condominiums are high-rise apartments that bring the utmost luxury and comfort together for families. The condominiums are residential units that are built by residential market players to bridge the gap between common man and luxury. 

  • Apartments are built in a high-rise building that has more than six floors
  • A single floor in such building houses more than two apartments
  • A high-rise condominium caters to the requirements of middle-class and upper-middle-class people with a perfect housing solution that offers a ready-to-move option 
  • High-rise condominiums provide plenty of benefits concerning amenities like swimming pools, community halls, children’s parks, clubhouses, etc. 

Benefits of High-rise Apartments 

When it comes to purchasing a home for your beloved family or investing in a lucrative property, high-rise apartments serve every possible need. Condos offer plenty of notable benefits that make it a desirable option for buyers. These benefits include high-end amenities, picturesque views, a peaceful environment, and an endless list of luxuries. 

Astonishing Views 

Picturesque views are an obvious advantage. If you are willing to buy a high-rise apartment, an astonishing view is likely to be the first and foremost benefit. As opposed to the apartments at lower floors, i.e. builder floor apartments, apartments at the higher floors give you the view of the busy city along with keeping you away from the noise of the bustling streets. While the apartments on higher floors may ask for more money, be assured that the money will be worth it. 

Impeccable Location 

Most of the real estate market players tend to build high-rise buildings making sure that they stay close to the best entertainment spots in the city. They are built close to luxury restaurants and high-end entertainment venues. Sometimes, these high-rise societies make their entertainment clubs and restaurants to delight home buyers with entertainment. 

Easier to manage than a builder floor apartment

Being a homeowner is a tedious task. It isn’t about buying a house but keeping it up to the mark. This way, an apartment becomes easy to maintain and clean than a massive bungalow. Most of the high-rise apartments are maintained by qualified Property Managers who assure high-quality maintenance and services. 

Peaceful and quite surroundings

While a lot of people might love to enjoy the hustle-bustle of the city, nothing can beat the peacefulness of a condo where you can easily relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. A high-rise apartment offers precisely that! A condo proves quite helpful when you have young children or an infant.

All the access to available deluxe amenities 

Apartments are built keeping a “no-inconvenience” policy in check! They ensure that the homebuyers and owners are given all the access to luxurious amenities available on-site. With high-end swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness centres and gyms, gaming allay, kids play area, party hall, lush green area, jogging tracks, skating rink, tennis & badminton courts living in a condominium should top your list. 

Chance to connect with people

Apart from all the high-end amenities, living in a society increases your chance to meet new people and build a network. With the amenities, you get an opportunity to attend community gatherings, celebrations, join sports clubs, gymnasiums, etc. This increases the possibility of getting to know more people. 

Possibility to get an astounding resale value 

Who doesn’t want to invest in a property may yield a potential profit in the future? Buying a high-rise condo is beneficial not just when you dwell there but even when you decide to move. With a fantastic location, beautiful views, luxurious amenities, and high-standard interiors; the resale value for your apartment will be way higher than you expect. 

High-Rise Condos provide a unique lifestyle that boasts of luxurious amenities that are not offered in most builder floor homes. At the same time, an apartment doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and chores that come along with a builder floor apartment. 

Without a doubt Apartments sound like a win-win, right?