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The importance of a Good Real Estate After-Sales Service

How important do you think is a good after-sales service? If you have doubts about its importance, you are doing something wrong. Good after-sales service is one of the major factors that help to retain customers. The main motive of good after-sales is to build mutual trust and relationships with customers. Would you recommend your friend or relative to buy a property from a dealer who did not satisfy you after you bought the property? No, you will not. Instead, you will recommend someone who has stood up to your expectations even after you have already brought the property. 

Connecting to the Customers Post Sales 
A dealer-customer relationship does not end with buying a property. There are things beyond that too. In the case of real estate, that relationship continues with the various initiatives and inquiries that the dealers do from the customers. They keep the customers informed about everything related to the property and its management. A good real estate after-sale means saying ‘Thank You,’ ‘We care for you,’ or ‘Keep in touch.’ This automatically makes a customer happy, which in return, directly influences the business. You cannot ignore that good after-sales play a super important role in real estate. 

Here are some of the main reasons why good real estate after-sales are important: 

1. Customers Feel Connected 
As customers, we feel good when we are informed, updated, and taken care of. Don’t we? We all like attention. We seek it. Customers feel good when they are contacted. They feel noticed and important. Hence, regular updates about the property they have purchased and some graphics keep the customer hooked on the project. They feel a part of the entire development. Successful real estate companies hold such a relationship with their customers. 

2. Arranging Project Tours 
Getting updates through messages and phone calls may not always work. Different customers have different tastes and different levels of satisfaction. While call and message updates work for some customers, they might not work for others. In such cases, the real estate companies arrange for a property tour. Customers get the feel of the place when they go about the project. Seeing things happen in front of their eyes gives a different level of satisfaction altogether. Imagine seeing your home being built in front of your eyes. Will, it not feel exciting? Will you, as a customer, not be happy if your builder does such a thing for you? Of course, you will be happy. 

3. Updates and Handover 
Regular updates are the most important and efficient way of connecting with customers. However, connecting only for updates is not the only thing a good real estate after-sales service offers. One of the most important after-sales services in real estate is the handover. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate thing that is looked into while the handover is done. When you buy a real estate property, you will check if the property is in the best condition or not, won’t you? A good real estate after-sales service ensures that the customer is satisfied during the handover. 

4. Follow Up for Defects 
Following up to check if there is any fault or defect in the property is one of the best things a real estate company can do as a part of after-sales service. None of us are flawless, are we? Then you cannot always expect your builder to be flawless too. There can be defects in the construction, but as long as a builder takes the responsibility of repairing it and constantly keeps updated about it, there is no room for a customer not to be satisfied with the builder. One of the major after-sales services that a real estate company can provide is regularly following up with the customer to check if there are any defects. A good builder checks and rectifies the defects, so the customer has no scope for any complaint. 

5. Additional Services 
Real estate after-sales does not only mean keeping an update or repairing defects. There are a lot of things that a builder does to keep the after-sales interaction going with a customer. These additional services can include legal advice like; deed registration, trusteeship for NRIs, invoicing a return investment, etc. These services may also include; interior decoration of the property, concierge service, etc. Although not all companies or builders provide these services, they mostly do to keep the flow going with the customers. 

A good real estate after-sales service is important for both customers and builders. The more a customer can connect to the builder, the better chances of recommending them to others. The more customers recommend, the better the chances of sales. In short, good after-sales services are one of the best strategies that not just real estate but any business can follow to increase their future sales.