Social Responsibility


Okaya Power Ltd is organizing 150 Medical Camps to provide hearing aids, spectacles, prescription medication and eye operation facilities to the underprivileged population.


Okaya is providing free schooling for father less children in need of financial support in the name of SANDEEP GUPTA MEMORIAL CHARITABLE TRUST (SGMCT).


Company Employees together with Okaya Foundation extended their support and have together raised monetary funds for the rehabilitation of the families rendered homeless by the Uttrakhand tragedy this June.


OPL has endeavored to create awareness among the community about cervical cancer and how it can be prevented.

Microtek Infrastructures Pvt Ltd. being a real estate company is involved in the development of the nearby rural area and it aims to create self-reliance and sustainability of those areas. Its CSR activities mainly focus on family welfare programs, healthcare, infrastructure, environment, education, social welfare and sustainable livelihood and other various related programmes.

We strongly believe that an organization must give back to the community it gets so much from. In our own little way, we have tried to make a difference with the Lala Muni Lal Mange Charitable Trust which was established in 1977.

Apart from running a charitable 800 bed hospital (Shri Balaji Action Medical and Cancer Hospital), the trust is also actively engaged in various other initiatives namely;

  • Running an 80 bed hospital in Hissar, Haryana which was established in 1979.
  • The trust also built an ashram for pilgrims in Vrindavan in 1994. The ashram strives to support widows living in and around Vrindavan with ration and other items of daily needs.
  • Another effort on our part are the 11,000 schools across rural India that are run by the Ekal Vidyalaya of which the Group Promoters are the founding trustees.

With a firm belief in ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’ and being committed to integrity, responsibility and generosity, Okaya has established an initiative in the name of ‘OKAYA FOUNDATION’ as its social responsibility towards less privileged sections of society.

We are committed to tackling the basic issues, which affect health, education, woman’s status and to working for the upliftment of the under privileged segment of society thereby improving the quality of life of the society in which we live.


Training programs are planned in to encourage employment opportunities for jobless needy people.


Ambitious upcoming plan of Okaya Foundation is to launch “PyaasekoPaani” and “Power for Poor” by 2015.

Under Pyaasekopaani, foundation seeks to provide clean water to the remote areas of the country where pure water is only a dream as water is still a scarcity.

Under Power for Poor, Okaya foundation aims to provide electricity to the remote rural regions of the country as Okaya believes this is the best means to spur overall development in these regions – from the children’s’ education to employment generation leading to prosperity.